The Best Educational Websites for Tweens
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The Best Educational Websites for Tweens

There are several educational sites for tweens, just choose the best ones for them and they will learn.

Now that online education has arrived into everybody’s doorstep, the next problem is how to guide the kids to find the best sites for them. There are millions of sites online that children can access and they are not all kid friendly sites so in order for the kids to find a good educational site to access, here are some guides.

Make sure that the kids are being guided properly in the proper use of websites. As much as possible, make your computer children-friendly. Tweens is the most confusing age when children do not know where they belong. They are not anymore children and they are still not considered adults so they still have restrictions when it comes to website use. These kids are very aggressive and because of their curious mind, they want to explore the world of internet and find out what is going on in the website that millions and millions of people are talking about.

In order to avoid problems with website use in tweens, have time with your kids when they are using the internet. Always be there to guide them and teach them the do’s and don’ts of using a computer.

Here are some good educational sites for tweens.

This is a very recommendable site for tweens. The site will keep the child busy exploring about a lot of things. This site is for the curious minded kids who want to explore, discover, learn and have fun experimenting about a lot of things. There are lots of activities for your kids here which will keep them away from the other sites not fit for tweens. The site includes among others astronomy and space, culture, earth, everyday science, human body, listening, living things and many more educational topics fit for tweens.

This site was created as free service to motivate kids to read with phonics. Kids could find a lot of activities that will help them improve their reading skills, have fun and learn how to decipher words.

This is a site for kids who want to develop different skills such as coloring, fitting objects and solving puzzles. The kids can choose from a variety of activities like playing puzzles, coloring, fitting objects, playing fun games and many more fun activities that keep the kids fully occupied with interesting things.

This site offers a lot of fun activities to kids while playing games. The good thing about the site is that the games are not only games to play but they are educational games that train kids about a lot of skills like eye coordination, solving puzzles, agility in doing things and planning what to do. The site offers kids a lot of things for each category such as Math arcade, reading, fun arcade, playground and all games. The kids will have all the time exploring the site without getting bored.

This site is where your tweens could find different activities about astronomy, English and Spanish. There are lots of activities here to keep the kids busy and at the same time educate them. The educational materials are created for easy navigation that even little kids they call “little explorers” have a place to navigate and have fun.

The games in this site sharpen the kids’ skills in different areas. Kids will have fun sorting, organizing, fitting puzzles and doing lots of activities that they will find interesting. The games aren’t just games but they are educational and the kids can develop lots of skills while playing the games.

This is a site where your tweens could find a lot of things to learn. The site includes topics about animals, astronomy, biology, math, spelling, history, music and many more. There are also music fit for tweens. The site provides kids with free educational movies and pod casts.

Metro Museum of art

The site features a long list of online application where kids can learn about color, go on Aaron’s Awesome adventure and a long list of fun games and activities for kids that are all about arts. Children will have a lot to learn regarding the great painters and will have fun exploring the world of art.

National Geographic Kids

Just like the National Geographic, this site offers kids a lot to learn from and provide stunning and wonderful pictures for the kids to enjoy. Kids will have fun exploring the world of animals and places on earth. The site is intended for young kids so there are explanations about the pictures for easy comprehension.

Tweens love browsing over the website so they need some guides from you.

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Great list of learning sites!