Teaching Your Child the Nine Times Multiplication Table
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Teaching Your Child the Nine Times Multiplication Table

Learning multiplication tables or facts can be difficult for children who are not natural mathematicians. Help you children with this simple trick when learning the nine times table. Experimenting with numbers like this will help increase a child's understanding of number patterns.

Mathematics is a school subject that children either click on to and understand immediately, or they struggle with. As new concepts are introduced, those children who struggle become more confused and end up switching off. There is no need for that. There are a few tricks or short cuts children can learn to carry them through until they reach real understanding of the concept they are learning.

The nine times table may seem a huge hurdle for children who have yet to unlock the patterns of numbers. Therefore, something to help them along the way must surely be encouraging for those students. Try this trick to teach your children the nine time multiplication table. It works every time.

Hold both hands up so that ten fingers are showing, with thumbs together in the middle. Think of a nine times multiplication fact, say 4 x 9. Now, starting at the left hand, turn under the fourth finger. This should leave you with three fingers on one side of the turned under finger and six fingers on the other side. Think about this, 4 x 9 = 36.

Try it again. Think about 8 x 9. Again, starting at the left count across your left hand and onto your right, turning under the eighth finger. You will see seven fingers to the left of the under turned one and two to the right of it. What is 8 x 9? 8 x 9 = 72.

The nine times table is as simple as that. Try it out with all the other numbers until you are convinced, then teach this secret system to your child. The results will be amazing.

Of course, this is not a substitute to actually learning the nine times table, but it will assist until these multiplication facts are known. Eventually the child will reach a stage in their learning when they understand the patterns of the numbers enough to be able to work out this concept in their head. Meanwhile, being able to do this quick mathematical trick will give your child confidence when dealing with those mysterious things called numbers.

Mathematics can be a fun subject for children once they understand it. The more you encourage your children to experiment with numbers, the more successful they will be.

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Comments (5)

Never mind teaching the kids Val, you've taught me something, my maths is diabolical.

Its timing, its vacation time here and my chance to remind the parents of the community to not consume the whole vacation just for fun and play, but teach them this one some time as a refresher, thanks Val.

Neat trick Val.

Very neat trick.

Great tips!