How to Teach Reading to Very Young Kids Using Phonics
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How to Teach Reading to Very Young Kids Using Phonics

Teaching reading to young kids is better if you use the phonics method.

I had been teaching reading to beginners for more than twenty years and our rule in school is to let the children know first the sound of the alphabet in order for them to learn how to read words easier. Combine phonics with sight reading and the child would learn how to read easier. Rather than letting the child say the words then read them by repetition, my method for teaching reading to very young kids start with the alphabet sounds. At age two or three when the kids start school, I start by teaching them the sound of each letter of the alphabet. This is done by letting them sound off each letter.

Most of our pupils start reading at the age of three or four. We teach them the vowels first plus their sounds with action to make them more interested. Then we give them books to read for sight reading. Our first books are those with pictures to associate with the words. We teach them to point to the words at the same time pronounce the words correctly.

When a child memorizes the sound of each letter of the alphabet, I am sure that he could read the CVC- (consonant-vowel-consonant as in cat) words afterwards. A child always starts reading CVC words before reading longer words. Words with CVC pattern are easy to read once the child has learned the sound of every letter in the English alphabet. After the CVC words, four letter words that could be sounded off follows.

We have proven that teaching children how to read is easier with the use of phonics. Children could hardly read and recognize words that they couldn't sound of. They need to memorize every word that they see if you use the whole language method while teaching the child phonics makes the child learn how to read a word in association to the sound of every letter.

The best method for me in teaching reading is to let the children know the sounds of the letters first. Once they had learned the sounds, I let them read syllables. With the syllables, I add one letter and let them read the word using the sounds they had learned. This is still the best method I use to teach reading to beginners. I find it very effective up to now.

Small children could best learn reading and enjoy it with pictures to match the words. Children especially very young ones need too much motivation before they will pay attention to the teacher, but if the teacher has what it takes to teach young children then it wouldn't be hard really. Teaching reading to small children is fun but tiring. But once you have been successful in teaching the little children how to read, you would feel very accomplished in your objective.

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