Reading Increases Your Knowledge
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Reading Increases Your Knowledge

The more one reads the more open you become in your thinking. Reading actual books are so helpful in learning about any subject you are interested in.

I feel that the more you read, the more open you become in your thinking. We tend to view things differently as we gain more knowledge about people, places and other people's behavior. It may be any kind of book:  fiction, non fiction or books on other subjects. They all contribute to increasing our awareness of people and society because all books are an extension of the author's experience and knowledge coupled with imagination. If we are able to take it as it is meant to be, we can gain a lot by reading. These are my feelings.

One, of course, needs to be careful while selecting books, as a lot of unwanted stuff is available that won't give any positive benefits - but generally speaking, I tend to feel that books make you broad-minded as well as knowledgeable.  We tend to read books on subjects that interest us and unless you are open to new ideas you may not look beyond your own limited interests--but even within that limited field of choice, one can always better oneself.


When we read the right kind of books, especially the well-researched, well-written books by established authors, we tend to gain a lot of knowledge, which is bound to enhance our mental capabilities. Reading is a very powerful means of communication. The author is communicating with his readers. It can definitely be a positive influence on people; the more you read, the more ideas you get. Selective reading further helps in building up your knowledge and becoming much more capable of assessing and judging people and situations in life--which is what being broadminded is all about.  At least to me, being broadminded means being capable of making the right judgment about others without being biased.

If you are interested in becoming more knowledgeable about personal financing, for example, the only way to gain more knowledge is through reading--which as you may have hoped, might help you in your future investments.

Reading is such a valuable hobby to cultivate. There were many doubts among people whether computers would take over and bring down the demand for books, but personally I feel that once a person has developed the reading habit, nothing can take it away from them. Another thing I have noticed is that it is hereditary; if the parents or at least one of the parent is fond of books and reading, he/she automatically passes  on this habit to the children and others around them as well.  Reading definitely sharpens your thought process and makes you grasp ideas better. When a person reads books on different subjects, it makes him/her more knowledgeable and a more interesting person to converse with.

The best thing about reading is that it makes one positive and able to understand and better accept others' opinions and views.  Reading habits should be cultivated from childhood, and should become an integral part of growing up.  It may well prove to be the solution to many ills of our society. Each new book teaches us something new about life; it makes you think, rethink and sometimes changes the course of your life.

It is difficult to draw a line between what is a good book and what isn't. People have different viewpoints and what is good to me may be considered bad by someone else, so it depends on the individual to select what he wants to read instead of any kind of censoring.  I personally prefer to be open about one's choice of books.  Reading is definitely the best form of relaxation. A person who develops a reading habit is never bored in life.  Reading definitely enhances a person's thinking; he becomes more aware of his surroundings and understands things better.

More Benefits of Reading

Reading a book instead of reading just clips online can also enhance a person’s ability to retain what they are reading about. Studies have found that reading online compared to reading an actual book, online readers retain as much as 25% less than if they are reading a book.

Reading books are valuable to furthering interests and knowledge. For example, if you want to learn about investing, of course you would select books about that subject. But to broaden your knowledge, you can select books like biographies about people in history and see how they lived their lives.

Books like science fiction can help you think beyond what is normal. Reading criminal or police books, like those from Michael Connelly, can help with your thinking skills and deducing skills. Reading non-fiction books can increase your knowledge.

Starting out reading at an early age is a great way to do better in school and increase your understanding of language and grammar. Getting a library card is wonderful. Going to the library and picking out books is very fun at an early age and will last a lifetime.

Life is not just Googling for an answer, reading books are the key to become smarter in all aspects of life.

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Comments (2)

great article yes reading is very important and it is a skill we carry through with us all through life

Brilliant discussion with great advice.